What Should I Expect?
What is behind those big oak doors?

We are blessed with a beautiful listed building but understand our big oak doors may feel a little intimidating to first time visitors. Please be assured a warm welcome and a big smile are waiting for you on the other side. Our greeters were new once too! And now their mission is to help you feel at home.

  • What is it like? - Our worship style is contemporary, vibrant and uplifting!
  • How long does it last? - Service starts at 10:30am and typically lasts 2hours.
  • What about my kids? - We provide an small area for younger children to play, draw and colour. Older childreen and teens normally sit with parents and take part in the service.
  • Where do I park? - The Church car park is on situated the left hand side of the Church.
  • What do I wear? - We are a contemporary church which means we do not have a formal dress code. Most people attending church tend to wear smart casual clothing.
  • How can I get connected? - If you require more information about the Church, our house groups, or require prayer just ask one of greeters who will be happy to help you.