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Hollymoor Community Church was again at the forefront of community cooperation today by being the host venue for this wonderful event. Congratulations to all the children from Little Men and Misses Children’s Day Nursery.

Local Councillor Simon Morrall was also on hand to lend his supporot and later wrote on his Facebook page:
"What an absolute joy it was to witness the graduation of our future champions from Little Men and Misses Children’s Day Nursery at Hollymoor
Chloe and all the staff here are incredible and just as I was gearing up to get my face painted, Marshall from Paw Patrol shows up to out stage me!!!

Congratulations to all involved, a wonderful event and a huge shout out to Fairytale Party Planners for being utterly brilliant!"

Senior Pastor Stephen Merrick commented "When we see such amazing youngsters we are reminded that even in difficult times - There is always hope!"