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Local Councillor Simon Morrall recently visited a BBQ & Maintenance day at Hollymoor Community Church. Afterwards Coucillor Morrall posted on Facebook:
"It was a honour, to be hosted by Fijians serving in the British Army at the Hollymoor Community Church who have entered into a unique partnership with Christian Mission Fellowship International based in Fiji, which will provide support for military personnel stationed all across the UK.
The old Hollymoor Hospital has an historic connection with the military having been a War Hospital in both world wars.
They swung into action to undertake a wide range of repairs to help ensure the beautiful grade 2 Gothic Hollymoor chapel will continue to serve people for many more generations, and typical of the Fijians is a warm hospitality that usually means enjoying their beautiful food, I can honestly say it was Devine!
It’s a real privilege to have them serve in our military for Queen and Country! Thank you!"
To read the post post and view photographs of the event please follow this link: