Our Community Coffee Morning is a great safe place to meet a friend for coffee. Why not take a refreshing break when visiting the local Childrens Nurseries, Doctors Surgery, Dentist, or Chemist?
Our Community Coffee Morning takes place on Mondays 10:30am to 12:30pm and offers the following vital services through Life Line Projects,
  • Mental Health Support Group
  • Debt Advice Support and Sign Posting
  • Life Line Food Bank
  • Green Gym
  • Supported Walking Groups
Our project mission is to raise Mental Health awareness in the local community with regards to general stress & anxiety, operational stress, stigma, occupational stress, suicide and deliberate self-harm.

We provide 1 to 1 mental health session for local vulnerable adults, homeless, armed veterans and their families, aimed at personal level in recognising symptoms of poor mental health. Utilising our Clinical project members: a retired GP & a Nurse lead.

Life Line Projects delivers Health Promotion and anti-stigma campaigns, instilling a culture of positive mental well-being.....via publications of leaflets, posters, online via website, video, podcasts and radio programs. These provide encouragement and support to local people, armed forces veterans, homeless veterans, service personnel and vulnerable adults signposting by our retired GP & Nurse lead.
We already operate on Monday a mental health and well-being support group at our Community Cafe / Drop in Centre, established during COVID 19 crisis, supporting vulnerable civilians, veterans and military personnel in our local community which has helped us identify and understand their needs.

Our group sign posting service based in the Community Cafe / Drop in Center is supported by an in house Specialist Nurse in providing Occupational Health Advice. This helps identify possible triggers and precursors enabling us to expedite early intervention from specialist agencies that will help improve long term mental health. Our group sessions helps overcome loneliness, isolation and increases well-being through community engagement.

Life Line Projects through its various services aims to minimise social isolation Impact of Covid-19, by fostering Social inclusion (befriending), family fun days, community events that Increase community awareness and understanding. This has enabled greater collaboration between local military establishments, professional agencies, local council in voluntary and community activity.